Captian Cloud

Not much is known about the captain, except that he is feared over all the seven seas... His attack comes upon you like a storm at sea--fast and vicious!  Fearing no man or beast, he's survived all manner of attack including the dreaded mutiny, but if you wage war against him and the Feared ship O'craven, you best be ready to fight... for he'll show you no quarter, even if you fly the white flag, Whether you be on the high seas or the high stage...beware...Captain Cloud be out for blood!

.Name: Cloud 
.AKA: Captain Cloud

.Rank: Captain  
.Instruments: Rhythm Guitar,  Banjo, Tin Whistle, Concertina, Electric Bagpipes, Accordion, and anything that will raise the dead. 
.Hometown: Campbell, CA



         Cloud has been playing music and performing for over twenty years. He's fronted  several bands including punk rock, funk, and progressive metal bands. His last band was called "Frail Soul", but in 2001, after researching his Celtic lineage, he began to write Celtic rock as well as pirate rock music and the band changed its name  in 2006 to "O'Craven",  which is Cloud's Celtic family name.  

        Cloud is always looking for a new instrument to learn and add to his repertoire of sounds and energetic stage performance.  In his spare time Cloud is a professional artist.  He produces most of the artwork used for the band, as well as their stage props, Costumes, and some video editing.

 musical influences:

Green Day, Rancid, Pennywise, Shadows Fall, Children of Bodom,  the Pogues, Elvenking, Johnny Cash, and Tchaikovsky are just a few.